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Top 5 Marriage and Divorce Tips from A Divorce Lawyer in Malaysia

Top 5 Marriage and Divorce Tips from A Divorce Lawyer in Malaysia by TYH & Co. Best and Affordable Divorce Lawyer in Malaysia

Top 5 Marriage and Divorce Tips from A Divorce Lawyer in Malaysia

This article will be slightly different from our usual posts which are mainly about divorce law and process in Malaysia for non-Muslims. We have been dealing with divorce cases close to a decade at the time of writing this article and have seen a fair bit of marital disputes over the years.

More often than not, our clients will come to us with their marital issues before deciding on their next course of action. We have been listening to their problems and here are few tips we thought may be helpful in dealing with marital issues as well as for those going through a divorce.

Do not take these tips as substitute to professional counselling or family therapy. This post is intended to compile all tips which is believed to be beneficial to our readers based on our experience as a divorce lawyer in Malaysia.

Here are top 5 marriage (and divorce) tips from a divorce lawyer in Malaysia.

  • Communication is Key

You may have heard this countless of times and we are going to repeat this again. Nothing cannot be resolved if both parties put their ego aside and talk. Talk it out to save your marriage.

This is also useful during the course of a divorce. If parties can talk over the issues (with or without a lawyer), all disputes can be resolved amicably as long as both parties put their ego aside in order to resolve the issues.

  • Focus on Children First (if any)

Once again, it is not about you. Or your spouse. It is about your children and nothing is more important than their welfare and wellbeing. Do not fight for custody for the sake of hurting the other party. No one will truly win in the end of the day.

The court will only decide primarily based on the welfare of children under the custody law in Malaysia. Nothing else is more important than the welfare of the children.

  • Be Faithful

Be faithful. Being unfaithful is one of the most cited grounds for divorce in Malaysia. Remember to stay committed to your partner and you can expect to be treated equally. It is true when they say that your partner may be able to sense infidelity or if you are having affair out there.

  • Plan Your Finance

Let’s face it. Money is not everything but almost everything cost moneys. We have seen countless of couples fighting over moneys. Planning your finances together is crucial to ensure that things are taken care of and both parties are clear about their commitments.

In the midst of a divorce, spouses tend to hide their true financial capabilities in order to avoid any financial responsibilities. Remember that the court has the discretion to compel either party to disclose his or her actual financial means. Hence, it is best to come clean about your finances from the very beginning.

  • Be Honest

This may look simple. And it really is. There is no need for lie and deception because your other half may find it out sooner or later. Be honest and truthful in the relationship so that you do not need to find ways to hide anything from anyone.


Going through a rough marriage is not easy. This is especially true if the marriage is heading to a divorce. In such circumstances, it is advisable to be informed about your rights and responsibilities under the law in order for you to make an informed decision.

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