Divorce Fast In Malaysia

Divorce Fast In Malaysia by TYH & Co. Best and Affordable Divorce Lawyer in KL Selangor Malaysia

Looking to Divorce Fast In Malaysia?

At TYH & Co., we provide service to divorce fast in Malaysia to ensure that both parties are able to start their own new life as soon as possible at an affordable divorce lawyer fee in KL & Selangor, Malaysia.

3 Steps To Divorce Fast In Malaysia

  1. Both husband and wife must agree to divorce and agree on all the divorce terms as below:
  • Alimony/Maintenance of Wife (Wife must agree if no alimony needed)
  • Custody of Children (if any)
  • Maintenance of Children (if any)
  • Division of Property (if any)

2. Email Us the Following Documents @ tyhlawfirm@gmail.com (We Will Process Your Documents First For Fast Divorce In Malaysia)

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Birth Certificate Of Children (If any)
  • Sales & Purchase Agreement of Property Owned Together (With property address and property title stated) (If any)

3. Fill In The Form Below (Our divorce lawyer from TYH & Co. will contact you via WhatsApp/SMS in less than 2 working hours for consultation and divorce lawyer fee quotation).

Our Divorce Lawyer Will Send Your Quotation & Consultation via WhatsApp/SMS In Less Than 2 Working Hours
Tips: To Divorce Fast In Malaysia, Both Parties Need To Agree On All The Divorce Terms To Save Time & Cost.