Law Firm Kuala Lumpur Services TYH & Co. Divorce Lawyer Cheras KL Selangor

At TYH & Co., our law firm services include as follows:

Law Firm Kuala Lumpur Services - Divorce Lawyer Cheras Kajang Ampang KL Selangor MalaysiaDivorce & Family Law 

Our experienced divorce lawyer can assist you in your divorce & family matter at affordable lawyer fee. Our services provided include the followings:

  • Single Petition of Divorce (also known as contested divorce where one of the party to a marriage disagree to divorce or disagree on the terms of divorce)
  • Joint Petition of Divorce (also known as mutual consent divorce/joint petition where a couple mutually agrees to divorce and mutually agrees on the terms of divorce). If You Wish To Divorce Fast In Malaysia, Click Here.
  • Alimony/Maintenance of Wife & Children
  • Guardianship and Custody of Children
  • Division of Matrimonial property
  • Family Settlement Agreement
  • Adoption of Children
  • Judicial Separation
  • Annulment of Marriage
  • Registration Of Overseas Divorce Order In Malaysia
  • Preparation of Prenuptial Agreement before Marriage in Malaysia
  • Application of Single Status Certificate in Malaysia – Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara  (JPN) Malaysia
  • DIY Divorce

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Law Firm Kuala Lumpur Services - Will Writing Lawyer Cheras Kajang Ampang KL Selangor Malaysia


Will-Writing & Estate Planning Law

We are also specialized in estate planning law where we help our clients in will-writing and creating trust to ensure that their assets will be given to their intended beneficiaries in accordance to their wishes. Our services include:

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Conveyancing & Property Lawyer Malaysia TYH & Co.

Conveyancing & Property Law

Let our property lawyers guide you through the process of buying or selling your property in Malaysia. Get free quotation from our property lawyers here via WhatsApp in less than 2 hours.

Law Firm Kuala Lumpur Services - Business Lawyer Cheras Kajang Ampang KL Selangor Malaysia

Business Law

We are experienced in advising businesses and companies in setting up as well as drafting business and commercial agreements to meet their business needs. We cover work from:

  • Business/Start Up Law Advisory
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Limited Liability Partnership Agreement
  • Service/Employment Agreement
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • General Commercial Agreement
  • Computer/Technology Agreement
  • Lending and Security Agreement
  • Manufacturing Agreement
  • Agency Agreement
  • & Other Business Related Agreements

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Contract/Agreement Drafting

  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Lease Agreement
  • Promissory Note
  • Friendly Loan Agreement
  • Loan Payment & Settlement Agreement
  • & Other Contracts/Agreements

Other Law Firm Services

  • Criminal Law
  • Civil Law (Civil Claim such as Debt Recovery, Defamation, Breach of Contract etc.)
  • Employment Law/Labor Law
  • Media Law/Internet Law
  • Personal Data Protection Law
  • Attestation of Documents / Witnessing Execution of Documents

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