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5 Signs That Your Marriage Is Over

5 Signs That Your Marriage Is Over by Divorce Lawyer Malaysia TYH & Co.

5 Signs That Your Marriage Is Over

It’s THE day. The venue was well-decorated by your detail-oriented self. Guests began flooding the hall. The Wedding March sounded on the piano while the church bells chimed. You walk in the aisle and vowed, “I take you to be my significant other, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part.” It seemed just like yesterday when you recited this vow to the love of your life.

Just when you think you are going to lead a life full of sunshine and rainbows, reality kicks in. The amount of commitment whether it’s in the financial, emotional or moral aspect, drowns you bit by bit, strangling you and your freedom. I bet no one could disagree that it’s not a breeze to find someone you truly love, who also happen to have the same level of affection towards you, let alone yearning to marry that person. Some are petrified even at the thought of it.

“Till death do us part.” As divine as it may sound, how many of us could actually stay true to our words? In this contemporary society, death is not the only thing that separates us. There is a myriad of other factors, such as infidelity, abuse and incompatible goals, that keep couples apart. Follow through the article to recognise more evident signs telling you that it’s time to put a full-stop on your marriage, if you have one, and to watch out for them, if you’re planning to indulge in one.

1.Null physical intimacy

First and foremost, the marriage can technically be deemed over when there is no more physical intimacy between the two of you. And by that I don’t mean just sex. It’s all the little things like kissing, hugging, cuddling and holding hands that emit a sense of reassurance and affection, boosting the relationship to a deeper emotional level. Lack of physical intimacy is not always mutual. One party may be fervently desiring sex while the other one strongly rejecting it. This certainly kills the former’s self-esteem and puts the marriage at stake.

2.Zero interest in each other

Remember in those days when you were dating your partner? You called, you texted, you all hang out as often as possible, simply because both of you had endless topics to talk about and countless things to share with each other. However, things went south in your post-married life. You no longer have the urge to share your ideas, fears, feelings, aspirations and daily encounters with your partner. This explicitly shows that you have lost interest in him or her. This is because like everything else, marriage builds on the foundation of communication and without it, there lies a clear sign of a split.

3.Mismatched life goals

There is no such thing as being like two peas in a pod, not even with your partner, or soulmate, whichever one you’d like to call it. Certainly, there will be differences between you two and it’s utterly normal. Nonetheless, if both of you have life goals that are incompatible, that’s where the problem comes in. Imagine you wanting a child but they turn you down every single time you try to power up the baby-making factory of yours. Imagine you wanting to save up for a vacation but they spend it all on video games or cosmetics instead. You see how tiring and frustrating that can get? Kid you not, divorce is probably the only way out if neither of you is flexible or good in compromising.


Any types of abusive behaviour, be it physical, emotional or sexual should not be tolerated altogether. Physical abuse involves aggressive bodily actions against you such as hitting, punching, kicking and slapping, just to name a few. Emotional abuse could manifest in the form of blame, accusations and constant checking up, aiming to have control over you. Sexual abuse is no different from raping, forcing you into performing sexual intercourses at times where you least feel like it. This jeopardizes the health of your marriage and you should call it quits.


If an affair exists in a marriage, trust for your partner will dwindle and may even be completely broken. It can turn you into a sceptical and suspicious maniac, who is undesirable. Perhaps if you’re lucky enough, your marriage may survive from that hiccup. However, the thing that exacerbates the situation is having an affair but refusing to put an end to the infidelity. That simply shows how much your partner doesn’t care about your feelings. Why should you stick around then? LEAVE.

Be aware of the RED FLAGS discussed above and make your next move wisely.

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