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3 Circumstances In Which You Need To Get A Divorce

3 Circumstances In Which You Need To Get A Divorce by TYH & Co. Best Professional Divorce Lawyer In KL Selangor Malaysia

3 Circumstances In Which You Need To Get A Divorce

Thankfully, the number of divorce rates decreased from 2016 to 2017 according to the Department of Statistics, Malaysia. Let’s face it. Sometimes, things just do not work out between you and your partner. In some cases, you do not love them anymore and others, maybe they just weren’t the one. Some feel it may be for the better when both parties don’t live together under the same room anymore and hence, get a divorce.

Divorce is a tricky process whereby you need lawyers. Hence, it is wise to choose the right and experienced divorce lawyers to protect your interest under the law in Malaysia.


The first and very OBVIOUS one, I’m sure you all know it. Cheating or in legal terms, adultery. Adultery generally means that your spouse is out there in bed with some other guy or gal. Now there are usually two types of adultery we all know. The first one is emotional adultery. Emotionally sharing one’s personal thoughts and emotions with someone can form a strong connection of affection and understanding. This tends to lead to physical adultery which we will cover in a while.

Some of the most famous topics of emotional adultery are when you feel attracted to a person’s personality who IS NOT YOUR SPOUSE and when you provide inappropriate emotional support or comfort. Physical adultery can simply mean lust. Sleeping with another person other that your spouse just for the sex. Either way, if you feel your spouse has committed adultery, talk it out and maybe it’s time to file for that divorce.


This one is almost as infamous as the last one. Abuse. Now, abuse usually happens to women but in a handful of cases, men get abused too. We’re just too weak to say anything about it cause we’re MEN. Anyways, when your spouse abuses you physically, sexually or mentally, it is time to walk out that door, honey. Physical abuse is when your spouse conflicts physical pain to you in any sort of way; hitting, kicking, pulling, and pushing of sorts. Being denied of basic needs such as food and water is counted as physical abuse as well. Mental abuse branches out in to sub-categories like emotional abuse, verbal abuse, forced isolation, and stalking.

These types of abuse affect a person’s right state of mind. In the long term, they may develop paranoia, depression and/or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Sexual abuse, in a crude way, is rape. It is when your spouse decides that it is okay to have sex with you without your consent. All these types of abuse can not only happen to you, but to your children, or a family member staying with you. If you feel your spouse is getting aggressive with yourself or anyone in the family, it is time to call it in.

Living apart

This is, in my opinion, the least popular reason to get a divorce but is still in the top spot for reasons to get a divorce. Living apart. Living apart is when spouses do not have the intention to sleep under one roof together or even being a part of each other’s lives. Some signs include when both of you live in separate rooms in the house, have little to no sex in the relationship, and having separate social lives. It basically means you two are persona non grata to each other’s party.

Some people may even file for a divorce if they feel their partner is never around the house, they may be on long business trips where it requires one to stay for a couple of months or on tour in the army whereby there might be a chance they may not be coming back at all. If you and your spouse are living apart whereby you two don’t want to exist in each other’s lives, getting a divorce is not a bad thing in order for both of you to move on.

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